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October 8
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7pm - 8pm EST
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The Calm Your Mind Method Live Group Teaching

Discover How To Calm Your Mind, React More Calmly To Challenging Or Uncertain Situations And Live More In The Present Moment

Live, on your computer/tablet/smart phone, in the comfort of your own home. Only the presenter (Jeremy) is seen and heard).
One hour per week for four weeks. Can't attend live? We got you covered! We'll send you a replay!
Experience what thousands of people have experienced at Jeremy's live presentation in a lot more depth.

Jeremy Bennett

Author, Calm Your Mind: Transform Your Life

The Calm Your Mind Method 4-Week Online Group Teaching

A message from Jeremy:

We are living in uncertain times right now. It's easy to get caught up in drama and allow our minds to get the best of us. All it takes is to open social media to see polarizing opinions, cyber-bullying and stories that not only upset us, but also make us feel as though the world is falling apart. It's easy to be up all night dwelling on bad things that happened in the past or fearing what could happen tomorrow. 

Nowadays, it's familiar to get into arguments with family or friends who don't see the world the way you do or who don't agree with your beliefs and values. This can lead to relentless pain and drama. 

If this sounds familiar, you're certainly not alone.

That's exactly why I created this four week, live online teaching. In this LIVE online teaching, you're going to discover tips and strategies that can help you:

- Calm your mind
- React more calmly to challenging and uncertain situations
- Live more in the present moment
- Stop taking things personally
- Get out of your head so you can experience the stillness and peace of the present moment
- Relax before bed
- Forgive yourself for your past
- Stay relatively calm in the presence of negative people
- Develop a strategy to stop allowing social media comments that you disagree with to get the best of you
- Start attracting positive people and positive situations into your life
- Plus much more

The teaching is live and you can attend from the comfort of your own home. Before each live session, you will get emailed a link. To enter the live teaching, all you have to do is simply click on that link. You'll then be taken to the live teaching session.

Note* The only person who will be seen or heard during these sessions is the presenter (me).

Here is a break down of each week:
Week #1: Introductory to calming the mind
Week #2: How to get out of our heads and live in the present moment
Week #3: How to stay positive and at peace in an uncertain world or around negative people
Week #4: How to attract positive people and positive situations into your life 

Each live session is approximately one hour.

The day following each live session, I am going to dedicate to creating a summary of the previous session, which I'll send out to you. 

Throughout the week, leading up to the next live session I am going to email you tips and strategies to help you incorporate what you've learned in the previous session to help you not only understand what you learned, but to also use what you learned.

My goal in this four week teaching is to equip you with the tools that you need to calm your mind, react more calmly to challenging or uncertain situations and ultimately live more in the peace and bliss of the present moment.
Jeremy's goal is to help as many people as possible as he can calm their minds and live more in the present moment. To sign up for this live group teaching, we do charge a fee. 

The funds that come in from this teaching go towards funding the mission to create free content that Jeremy regularly distributes on a weekly basis. 

The funding from this program helps Jeremy produce tons of free content that anyone can consume at any time. 

Some of this free content includes:
- Videos (cameras, lighting, studio time, editing, travel, etc)
- Blogs
- Research
- Many live, in person and online, volunteer presentations for non-profit organizations 
- Etc.

Most four week online programs like this cost anywhere from $500 - $1000. 

However, as you probably know already, Jeremy does everything in his power to offer his work at very reasonable prices. 

The cost for this entire four week program is $97 (Canadian).

That equates to $24.25 (Canadian) per live session. 

In addition to the four week live teaching, after each live session Jeremy will send along the recording of the session. Jeremy will also spend the next day creating an email summary of the session that will be sent out to all attendees. He will also send out emails to all members throughout the week with tips and strategies to help them incorporate the previous session into their lives.

Note* This teaching is for those who are willing to commit to four weeks of teaching. This is certainly not a, "get results in minutes" type of teaching. 

If you are unable to attend these sessions or think this teaching is not for you, we have tons of free content that Jeremy releases on a weekly basis. 

Check out his blog and YouTube channel. Week by week, Jeremy releases practical tips that can help you calm your mind, react more calmly to challenging situations and live more in the present moment.

If you would like to register for the October group teaching, please click the button below. If the button is not present that means registration is filled for this month.

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Many factors can contribute to how we feel. As you’ll see, in Jeremy’s work he concentrates on two contributing factors: the negative thoughts we tend to hold in our minds and how we react to challenging situations.

Being stuck in your mind, dwelling on negative occurrences that took place in the past or being stuck in your mind, fearing things that could take place in the future can lead to stress and sometimes even anxiety. Of course, these two causes are certainly NOT the only two causes of stress or anxiety.

If you are dealing with stress or anxiety, the first step should be reaching out for professional help. 

If your discomfort is caused from your negative thoughts or how you typically react to challenging situations, the information on this website could be of value.

The information presented on this website and in Jeremy's presentations and books concentrates on how our thinking can have a profound effect on the way we feel. It also concentrates on how our thinking can play a role in helping shape our lives more positively. 

The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. It is not for diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment or prescribing of mental health conditions. For the treatment of any mental health condition or disease, or drug therapy, please consult your physician or other healthcare providers. 

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