Calm your mind
Stop taking things personally
End arguments dead in their tracks
Relax before bedtime
Get out of your head
Experience the peace of the present moment
Forgive yourself for your past


“Simply one of the best presentations on the subject of 'calming the mind' in North America. How Jeremy can take a subject like this and create such an incredibly entertaining presentation is amazing.

"It’s obvious why Jeremy was appointed, World Youth Ambassador by The World Organization of Natural Medicine. HIGHLY recommend!"

 Dr. George Grant
Former Senior Health Consultant for
Health Canada, FDA and CDC
"One of my biggest issues I was suffering with was racing thoughts. It would keep me up night after night. I soon became sleep deprived and couldn't function in the day. It was like my mind had complete control over me. It was a nightmare!

​I then attended Jeremy's Calm Your Mind: Transform Your Life presentation and all I can say is WOW! Jeremy's protocol was so different. I am now able to get out of my head and experience the present moment, void of thought. Being able to (on demand) get into the present is one of the most liberating feelings anyone can experience.

Thank you Jeremy!"

T. Young
"I have heard so much incredible feedback from people who attended Jeremy's presentations. My employees urged me to get him to speak for us. To say it was a truly worthwhile investment is an understatement.

Get this guy! You, your business, and employees will be happy you did!"

M. Martin


In this highly endorsed presentation, Jeremy uses his unique ability to captivate his audience to show them how powerful the mind truly is.

The average person spends an enormous amount of time in their minds, thinking about negative things that happened in the past or fearing things that could potentially happen in the future. 

Just like our muscles need a rest, our minds do as well. In this presentation Jeremy provides practical tips and strategies that can help his audience get out of their heads and experience the bliss and peace of the present moment.

In addition, his audience will also discover how to react more calmly to challenging situations, an ability that is crucial to possess in these highly uncertain times.


About Jeremy

Having been diagnosed at a young age with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and anxiety, Jeremy knows first hand the effects of mental illness.
He is known for his statement, "mental illness is as real as a broken bone."

After Jeremy reached out for professional help, he was able to put the struggle of OCD behind him. 

However, even after his struggle with OCD, he noticed that he still grappled with more everyday type issues. Issues like falling asleep, taking things personally, being stuck in his head, etc. consumed him regularly. These are the type of issues that Jeremy helps people with all over North America. 
In 2006, Jeremy graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a degree in Psychology. He is the published author of three books; The Power of the Mind: How I Beat OCD, The Solution and his newest, Calm Your Mind: Transform Your Life.
Jeremy has been featured on many national and international television networks such as CTV, Global TV, Vision TV, NTV, CBC, TSN, and TSN2.

To date his work has reached over 8 million people.
Many factors can contribute to how we feel. As you’ll see, in Jeremy’s work he concentrates on two contributing factors: the negative thoughts we tend to hold in our minds and how we react to challenging situations. Being stuck in your mind, dwelling on negative occurrences that took place in the past or being stuck in your mind, fearing things that could take place in the future can lead to stress and sometimes even anxiety. Of course, these two causes are certainly NOT the only two causes of stress or anxiety. If you are dealing with stress or anxiety, the first step should be reaching out for professional help.  If your discomfort is caused from your negative thoughts or how you typically react to challenging situations, the information on this website could be of value.

The information presented on this website and in Jeremy's presentations and books concentrates on how our thinking can have an effect on the way we feel. It also concentrates on how our thinking can play a role in helping shape our lives more positively.  The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. It is not for diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment or prescribing of mental health conditions. For the treatment of any mental health condition or disease, or drug therapy, please consult your physician or other healthcare providers. 

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